Land Stewardship Program

Special Reclamation Program Assistance

The WVLSC works closely with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection's Office of Special Reclamation to oversee the design and construction of land reclamation and water treatment facilities at sites where coal mining permits were revoked due to bond forfeiture. 


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On July 1, contractors began the reclamation of a large slurry impoundment containing refuse from the old Energy Marketing mine. This site is located across the road from two other permits our contractors finished reclaiming this Summer.

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This Summer our contractors wrapped up the construction of a large water treatment facility near the Opekiska Dam on the Monongahela River. This reclamation project addresses water quality issues stemming from an old strip mine site. Contractors installed a water-driven dispensing unit, constructed additional holding ponds, and upgraded access roads to curtail seepage into the Mon River from a deep mine portal. The facility is actively treating acid mine drainage coming from the old mine. Treatment will continue indefinitely and be monitored by the WV DEP.



Contractors recently completed the reclamation of a former mine site near the community of Century, WV in Barbour County. They addressed uncontrolled surface drainage and other problems stemming from an old mine shaft and slope entry and demolished and removed leftover facilities and debris.

Before reclamation

Before reclamation

After reclamation

After reclamation


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Engineers are in various stages of designing reclamation plans for four other sites.

In Lieu Fee Program Assistance

The WVLSC is currently providing research, analysis, and recommendations for a Conservation Easement and Defense Program to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Water and Waste Management. The WV DEP and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers entered into an In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program in 2013 to establish guidelines, processes, and procedures to compensate for unavoidable impacts to waters of the United States that result from the discharges of dredged or fill material in association with activities authorized under Section 404 and/or 401 of the Clean Water Act and/or Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act (33 U.S.C. § 403). The goal of the In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program is to achieve no net loss of existing stream and wetland acreage and functions in West Virginia. The Program restores, enhances, replaces, and preserves streams and wetlands to compensate for losses to aquatic resources caused by development authorized by Department of Army permits.

One way the WV DEP achieves this goal is by placing conservation easements on properties around the state to protect mitigated streams and wetlands. The WVLSC is currently working closely with the WV DEP to become both the easement holder and long-term steward of the conservation easements created under the In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program.